11 Ways to Be Happier

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1. Sleep

Getting enough sleep can have a positive impact on your mood. We’ve now become a sleep-deprived nation, and the majority of the population lacks obtaining the proper amount of sleep. Try to avoid using electronics (cell phones, televisions, music players) before you go to sleep, and hit the hay an hour earlier!

2. Don’t worry about what people think

One of the most common problems in society is bullying or discouraging others. At times words could be more powerful then actions. In your case, don’t let any ”Debbie Downers” bring your good mood to halt. People will always say things that aren’t necessary all of the time, it is best to block them out and keep doing you. Be yourself, and don’t ever try to conform to others based on their comments.

3. Don’t worry about the future

It is argued that anxiety is the obstruction to happiness. Worrying to much about your future can disrupt your current state of mind and hold you back from achieving happiness. So just take things as they come because today is the tomorrow that your worried about yesterday.

4. Apply moderation

Over-doing things, even fun things, can wear them out and cause you to lose interest. This will result in you disliking that certain ”thing”, and becoming upset or bored. Plan things out, don’t over-do it, and look forward to doing the next thing!

5. Do whatever you like doing

One of the best and easiest ways to stay happy is by doing things that you like to do. I mean who doesn’t enjoy doing things they like to do?! Try doing whatever you like doing in a creative or productive manner. For instance, if you love art then try painting in a different setting, or spend a Friday night at an art exhibit with a friend.

6. Clean

Clean?? I’m sure a lot of you are saying to yourselves ”I hate cleaning, that is the last thing I will do”! But surprisingly cleaning is one of those chores that once accomplished, you will feel good about yourself. Take some time to clean your house, room, or car and see if you feel like you’re accomplished and comfortable. Also, placing your self in a clean environment can help boost serotonin (feel good chemical in the brain) levels.

7. Organize

Get yourself together! Create a list with things that you need to get done. Hell, make several lists including: short term goals, long term goals, daily tasks, and to-do’s. This will help to declutter your mind, and help you stay focused and reminded on things you have to accomplish. Now remember to receive a self-satisfying feel you must stay loyal to the lists and follow through with them.

8. Say no

Lets face it. At some point in our lives we have experienced peer-pressure, ya know when johnny tells you to smoke a cigarettes because that’s what all the cool kids are doing. Well learn to just say no! Deny things that you know you don’t want to do. Never do things against your will. This will cause you to be upset and even frustrated.

9. Listen to music

Studies have been done to prove that listening to music activates parts of the brain that produces happiness. Listening to music that you like can lower heart rates, blood pressure, and cardiac workload. With that being said, go look up some new artists of your favorite genre on youtube, and sit back…relax…and listen!

10. Make friends

Cultivate friendships with people who share similar interests as you. Make friends that make you happy when you’re around them. Spend time with these people, and try to avoid arguments/disagreements. Also please don’t start relying on these people for your happiness, just simply use them to stimulate your happiness.

11. Make happiness your #1 goal in life

Throughout your life you will do many things, and in the end, on your death bed you will look make on all of those moments and think ” was I happy while I was doing this”. Living your life filled with sadness or hate is a waste of life. Strive for happiness, make yourself feel good, be nice to others, stay humble, and no matter what you’re doing or what you’re going through, always try to have fun while doing it.

Well BlogViewers, I hope my advice on happiness has some sort of impact on you, big or small.

QOTD: What makes you happy? Leave your interesting or creative responses in a reply comment below.

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One Response to 11 Ways to Be Happier

  1. Cleaning is my biggest downfall! You’re so right in what you’ve said there. And yet, why can’t I get on top of it?? I let it build up, it stresses me no end, and when I eventually do it, I feel great. That reminds me… time to hang the washing out. I’m counting that as “cleaning”!! lol.

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